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    April 16, 2013
    9:30 - 9:44am PDT  

hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. he have the videos you've been looking for "right this minute." >> a squad car hits the man and sends him flying. but he says the cop -- >> never called in the accident. >> see what happened when the dispatcher started asking the officer some tough questions. >> i'm just trying to find out if that was it. >> i'm not there any more. who called it in? >> video of illegal street racing takes it up a notch. >> you really shouldn't have done that level. >> how a child caught this the middle created internet outrage.
bites, injuries and a boat load of trouble can only mean one thing. the brave boys from the deadliest catch are back. now two of the captains reveal secrets of the new season. >> last year, we didn't think it would get any worse and this year proved us wrong. and two guys take the show boaterchallenge. >> balloons using not only their bodies. >> that's not balloon, that's a bl. out this video from the intersection. you have a pedestrian crossing huey avenue. there was a don't walk light at this tech time so maybe this guy shouldn't have been crossing. you see one guy go. watch this.that's the police officer, an orlando police officer michael tyberski, who hit this guy. you can see he flops over the hood and then kind of rolls over to the sidewalk there. the officer gets out and talks to the man, but never called in the accident. and apparently he also kind of just took off. he did eventually receive a call
from an orlando p.d. dispatcher. here is a portion of that call from wftv. >> are you in a marked or unmarked? >> i'm in a marked car. >> we just got a call and we're trying to find out if that was you. >> i'm not there any more. who called it in? >> he didn't say anything about, yeah win accidentally hit a guy. a single four is a code for a crash. it was the victim, petris nun who is part of this call. >> did he say he was coming back or what did he is? he left me to help somebody else out and came back and then he took off. >> now, petris nun told the dispatcher that he didn't need an ambulance, but the bystander called for an ambulance. he stayed on the sidewalk until the ambulance arrived. this is another example of there are cameras everywhere. he clearly did hit this guy, even though the guy shouldn't have been in the crosswalk at the time. officer tybe he rski is still on the force driving a patrol car currently but is facing an
internal investigation which could potentially lead to a criminal investigation. >> we know people illegally drift on public streets like they're not supposed to. and that is what this video is about. this one takes it a notch up on the you really shouldn't have done that level. this is on the streets of birmingham in the uk. and you see a ton of cars here with ra ta ton of spectators. this person with the arm start to get the race started is this little person here. >> is that a child? >> that is, in fact, a child that is placed in front of these cars that are about to go more than 100 miles an hour to start the race. in this video, you see an adult holding the child, showing the child how to start the race.
and then walked away and let's the kid do it alone. >> that's a dangerous place for anybody to be, let alone a young child. i would call that child endangerment the. >> and that is why the police department started an operation last year to crack down on these races. and in this other part of the video, we see one car running to another car that's right in front of it. it's showing out out of control things can get so quickly. because of this footage captured on hidden cameras as part of this ragz, about 250 of these drivers were taken to court. they were fined sometimes as much as $3,000. and they be banned from driving on the streets for about two years. according to reports, racing o streets like this have decreased since the operation started. for the past few weeks, north korea has been dominating headlines because of threats made against south korea, even against the united states.
however, on the internet, you can actually find something a little bit different. you can find a tour group based out of beijing that tours north korea and has been doing so for the past 20 years. we skyped with one of the tourism managers who leads these tours into north korea and she was skyping with us from a soccer match. >> how did she get a signal out of north korea? >> she said a 3g signal and skyped from her smartphone. the tour of the manager is named hanna beraclat. she tries to communicate that people in north korea are people. >> people are people. you want the same things out of life. they enjoy going to a football match, to out to have a beer, that kind of thing. perhaps it is a big holiday, which it is the anniversary of the birthday of the president of
the country. everybody is in quite good spirits. >> the majority of the people, according to hanna, don't even know what the west is reporting. >> some of them are aware of it and some of them aren't. it's a fun atmosphere. we're at a football match and it's a very fun atmosphere here at the moment. >> as the tours are going on and as the core of tours are putting a different image of north korea out there, people do question the validity of the videos because we do have to keep in mind that the communication that comes out of north korea is very heavily guarded. look at these images coming out of south korea. they are performing security drills in case of a bombing. we want wanted to skype with hanna just to get her perspective from north korea. >> you're only hearing one side of the story and every story has many sides. come and see for yourself and you'll find a country that's full of really interesting and very welcoming and nice people. it's a beautiful country, as well. >> it's not the first time that
she has skyped out of north korea. go online to the korio group youtube channel. >> everyone is surprised at how relaxed it is and all laid back it seems and how there aren't the tax dollars down the road. >> why do i have a feeling that because she's been there 20 years and the government isn't worried about her, they -- >> they are bringing in foreign tourives every time they run. new castle united is a soccer team in the uk. they lost 3-0 to sunderland. what happens afterwards when you lose? you're supposed to be a good sport, right? no. soccer fans can get chaotic. there's always a few bad ones in the bunch. the chief superintendent said the vast majority of new castle fans were well behaved. but then some started throwing fire crackers, bottles and some other stuff at police. i want you to notice one incident in particular. see this man in the striped
shirt? >> i9 looks like he was trying to punch the horse. >> take another look at this angle. >> he did punch the horse. >> this horse's name is bud. bud has served in the olympics, he works for the west yorkshire mounted police. >> they use him around the to t control. >> he's doing okay. the police put up a picture of his in his stable. he's tackled by police partly to stop him and partly for his protection because you could get traumaeled by a horse. but it's safe in the stable and appears fine. all our horses are fit, well, resting and relaxed. you can't beat that. >> macintosh is looking for a new home.
find out why, next. and it's chuck from the bronx and he's taking on -- >> one of the
all you have to do is download the rtm videos app tore your iphone android device. log on, click on ipad and fill out the form. remember, you have to be 18 years or older to enter. >> get the videos anywhere and you could win an ipad mini. >> the brave boys from the deadliest cash are back. >> that's when things get nasty. >> heads up, heads up. >> of course, the deadliest catch, the super popular reality show on the discovery channel focusing on the guys who are out there conquering the wild seas of alaska in order to put craps on our plates. and we know it's delicious,
don't we? we thank them for their work. it's incredible what these men go through. they're insanely brave and go through all kinds of dangers. they're about to come back for their ninth season. to tell us what we can expect from the show, we have capital yap jonathan hillstrand and scott campbell junior. welcome to the show, guys. this is your ninth season. what's going to be different about this season compared to the last eight seasons? >> it gets crazier because the weather is worse than it's ever been and the crabbing is not very good. almost everyone has a meltdown where there's a fight and guys getting hurt. >> last year we didn't think it would get any worse. we were wrong. >> there's some injuries. >> we have an injury. if i wouldn't have caught it and is realized weight was, the guy would have lost his leg. >> you have to be like a
psychiatrist. >> a girlfriend? >> part of this clip shows two guys -- it out. what does stuff like that happen? >>. >> you're out in the middle of the ocsea. you can't get away tr these guys. >> none of you can leave this room for three months, that's the way to explain it. >> we get it. point well made. do you guys still eat crabs? >> yeah. we enjoy it like everyone else. >> you have some newbies on the show the year. what is it like? >> i do my normalt have to worry. i know somebody else had a worse, miserable time than i do. >> the ninth season premiers tonight, april 16th at 9:00 p.m. on the discovery channel. that is macintosh.
he's a duck. he loves walks in the park, music, frozen peas and grapes. what's not to love about macinto macintosh? his owners have jobs in hawaii. they can't tack macintosh with him, so they're trying to find him a new home. they've had him since he was a few minutes old. they nursed him back to health because he was weak. and he's turned into a love monster and he looks to do things like your average pet. >> he's like a duck living a dog's life. >> i don't think he knows he's a duck. >> they say